About the Founder

Mary Gould is the founder of Mind Wings Audio, an audio publishing company that produces and publishes one-hour audio CDs. The direct publishing of the one-hour audio story length introduces a new market for fiction which has the potential, to become the entertainment of choice for multi-taskers such as, commuters, travelers, professional truckers, housekeepers, gardeners, exercisers–anyone that has the desire to listen to a story while performing another task or for the blind or those that prefer a shorter length for listening.

Mary Gould was born in Thomasville, Georgia, grew up in Florida and currently lives in Bowie, Maryland.

Mary considers herself to be an audio book junkie and owns more than seven dozen. Not a fan of flying, she first became addicted to audio books when driving to Orlando, Florida to visit her parents monthly from Maryland. Listening to the audio books kept her alert and made the drive fun and interesting. These trips went on for several years and peaked her interest in writing–something that she had dabbled with off and on but never seriously. This time she attended a writing work shop at the local community college and continued to write after the workshop was over.

Several short stories later, she became obsessed with a novelette she had written trying to ensure the smooth flow the story required, as if it were read aloud. After reading the entire story aloud several times she noticed that it lasted about an hour. Immediately her thoughts began to wander …why there weren’t audios this length? Why were there only audio books that often lasted several hours?

Mary searched the Internet looking for short stories, only to find the classics, anthologies or some short-short story downloads. The idea began to hatch in her mind—a one-hour audio, why not? The popularity of audio books was growing.  Why not give story lovers affordable entertainment that they could enjoy in a shorter timeframe?

The thoughts on the topic stuck in her mind. After a few months she felt compelled to do something. She’d saved through the years– always a reluctant spender–but this notion seemed worthy. She planned a strategy for her entrepreneurial venture and self-invested. Mind Wings Audio was born.

Information Technology Program Manager, Applications Programmer, Procurement Acquisitions

Other Interests
>Reading (all fiction categories), Writing (short fiction)
>Movies–40s to present, Retro-television
>Music–popular, soft rock, jazz, country western, R&B, some rap
>Exercise, lots of roller skating in the past

All Time Favorites
The Hades Factor by Robert Ludlum & Galey Lunds/abridged
The Lake House by James Patterson
No Place Like Home by Mary Higgins Clark
The Testament by John Grisham
The Partner by John Grisham
The Broker by John Grisham
Flesh and Bone by Jefferson Bass
Next by Michael Crichton

Audio Stories
Someone Else’s Dream by E. Jean Beres, Darktown Strutters by L. A.Wilson, Jr., The Last Watcher by D. B. Clifton, Remote Bliss by M. Cheryl Green

Ron McLarty
Frank Muller
Dick Hill
Kate Reading

Personality   Introvert

Favorite TV Shows
            Fringe, Criminal Minds, Medium, Law & Order, CSI